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My triangular rainbow textile piece is made by stitching layers of felt together in a repeating pattern of colours.  This work is still growing in size as I keep adding to it and shall become part of a larger wall piece when finished.

Rainbow textile triangle work

In the meantime I have been creating patterns from this piece by layering the image digitally.  These new patterns expand the spectrum of rainbow colours and create new geometric shapes.

pattern created by layering my textile rainbow work

This last image will become a digital print available for purchase soon.  If you are interested in pre-ordering a print email me at

Textile piece layered up to create a pattern

I have taken what could be described as a hiatus (I have seen this word used in art texts and I find it quite funny: a fancier way of saying ‘break’) from painting.  When I was a teenager I loved to paint and worked on large scale oil paintings on hardboard.  I think we as students were lucky to be given a good space to be able to work on a large scale at my school (thank you art teachers!).  Below is a section of one of my abstract paintings, the only part that I still like from the whole piece.  Working over many layers of paint to create depth and often scratching back into the surface to create new details and textures, these paintings would take months to finish.  Since these days of painting, I have experimented in other mediums, such as film and installation and taken a more conceptual approach to art making rather than focusing on the formal qualities of a work.

Detail of an abstract oil painting on board from 2001

My last large painting was a gift for someone special.  They wanted a painting of Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’ for their hallway.  I painted over an old crap painting experiment to do this and you can see the process by clicking on the word here.

My version of Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream': a gift for a friend

Being resourceful (and skint!) means that I can’t bear anything that has potential use to be thrown away.  I saved a large stack of small pre-used canvases from being thrown in the skip at a school I was working in.  The canvases were some of the student’s old work that they didn’t want to keep.  After a few coats of gesso they were ready to use for my designs, but having a previous life as a different painting resulted in the texture showing the traces of the previous work.  This underlying texture makes the faces and patterns of the new paintings look knobbly, but I don’t mind this.  I could have sanded them down, but I have left the ghosts in there.

Orlando Weeks painting, first layers of paint

Working with acrylics and painting across about fifteen canvases at a time, I have been playing with colour, mixing in fluorescent paints. I have a commission to create some large paintings and these small works have been a great way to get back into painting and prepare for these larger works.

Toddler pushchair painting, first layers

Making mistakes is an important part of the art making process and having been so used to working with oils I forgot that acrylics can be mixed with water. There were many lumpy beginnings!

Fluorescent pattern

In some paintings I have chosen some favourite images to work from, focusing on portraits and animals.  In other paintings I have been playing around with pattern and colour combinations.  The above image is a similar pattern to a wall mural that I did for a student union bar redesign and can be viewed here.

Big headed kitten painting initial stages

I am hiding some of my works to keep them secret and a surprise from the people who will eventually receive them as gifts. They will be revealed later on the blog.

Ring tailed lemur painting almost finished

In my favourite animal pictures the animals appear to be staring out of the image and can hold your gaze (yes you the viewer), like this ring tailed lemur.  I think the most successful staring animals will hypnotise you and drag you into their world!

Colour pyramids

Most of these paintings are still unfinished so check back to the blog in the future if you want to see them completed.

Orlando Weeks painting almost finished

These triangle pattern paintings are the result of many layers of paint. I found in the process that each time I added a new colour, it didn’t sit well with one of the colours next to it. It became a game to keep changing the colours until it worked for me.

Two finished triangle pattern paintings in acrylic

I am somewhat obsessed with colour and particular combinations. When I see a person in the street wearing a colour combination that appeals to me, I want to tell them and take their photo. I’ve stopped doing this to people because not everyone appreciates it!

Painting around the edges

With each of these paintings I have been working right around the edge so that all of the sides that are visible from all angles when hung on the wall are painted. Nevermind this ‘there’s only one plane of a canvas’ tradition!

January 2012

I’m very chuffed to say that my Colour Cubes T-shirt has been included in Etsy’s Spring Lookbook for 2012.  I’ve had a good look through the whole book and there are some lovely fresh things to buy.

Here are some of my favourites:

I also enjoyed reading the artist/maker interviews at the back to get an insight into how the artists started out and what their studio spaces look like.  The digital version of this book can be seen here:

Front cover digital versionRainbow colour cubes T-shirts can be found in my Etsy shop here

I created my first treasury and it features some of my favourite rainbow coloured items on Etsy.  Click on the image below to be taken to the treasury page where you will be able to click on each of the items and explore each person’s shops.


I have been experimenting with using wool and threads to embroider cardboard with circular record designs.  I’ve also finished 2 new cat brooch commissions and one rabbit in a hat brooch.

New mugs and magnets are adding to my range of designed items and can be found and bought in my shop.  On their way will be some new stickers, magnets and postcard designs which are in the making.  I made a stamp with a new logo to use on the back of my greetings cards and on packaging.  All stocked up and ready to go with recycled packaging, bags, stickers, tissue paper and colourful twine.

A few years back I did some workshops making fabric toys with Folksy at Innocent Village Fete and Lovebox festival both in London.  Folksy celebrates and showcases talented makers and crafters in the UK and there are lots of wonderful creations to be found on their website.  Yesterday I set up a Folksy shop with some of my products.  I also created two new shop banners for my etsy and folksy shops…

I have had a number of requests to make more Mad Hatters Alice Wonderbands in different colours.  I am very excited and have been searching on the internet for some more small plastic teapots to wrap.  I’ll be checking out all of my local charity shops too.  I now have a polystyrene head for future head accessory pieces to display.

My friend who was studio sharing with me is moving out and a new artist is moving in at the start of July.  This means that for June I’ll have the whole studio space to myself.  I plan to spread out and do some large painting and sculpture to make the most of the extra space for the month.


Last month I did two new markets. I had a stall at Venus in Furs market on 15th May during Newcastle fashion week. Venus in Furs is held outside Settle Down cafe every Sunday. The cafe serves lots of tasty treats and hot drinks and is located just around the corner from Tilley’s bar. There was a photography exhibition inside the space and lots of craft and vinatge stalls inside and out. I had a stall outside and at times the wind made for quite an amusing challenge chasing postcards down the street. Note to self: get some paperweights for any future outdoor markets! I met lots of lovely sellers including Hannah of Hannah Purna Arts and saw Laura Cartwright again who sells prints and cards.

Venus in Furs, The Settle Down Cafe, 62 Thornton Street, Newcastle, NE1 4AW, every Sunday 12-6 pm

I also has a stall at West Jesmond Mixer Market on 29th May. This market is held at Jesmond’s Royal British Legion club and when the weather allows the stalls can be found in the carpark outside. The decor inside is very unique and it has a family friendly social club atmosphere. There is a great range of stalls including fair trade goods, tasty homemade baked foods, candles, hand carved wooden furniture, crafts, bags and more.

Royal British Legion club, 3 West Jesmond Avenue, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE2 3EX, last Sunday of every month 11am-4pm

I have been updating my Dates page with new markets and events when I hear about them. If you want to stay up to date with the markets and events happening in Newcastle keep checking back to this page.

Etsy Treasuries

Treasuries are a curated selection of products on Etsy chosen by an individual in their invented theme.  Some treasuries become so popular that they make the front page of Etsy, like the rainbow mix treasury just below. Thanks to everyone who has included me in their treasuries I truly appreciate it and love seeing all of the items together.

Here are some treasuries that my items have been featured in…

rainbow mix by GeorgieUK

SHAPE it up treasury by loriii

Zig and Zag by itsmemary

How does your garden grow? by violetq

A Geometric Rainbow by ByTheBookPaper

rainbow white by bentzbaby


I’m going to share with you my recent discoveries on the internet

  • I Love Handmade blog run by Kev of Dig the Earth who makes lovely colourful greeting cards and giclee prints
  • greenartheart makes braided rugs from upcycled T-shirts, my favourite is the rainbow one
  • Heakon Helga makes bags with upcycled leather jackets, I love the ones with the added Navajo pattern fabric
  • Pollaz makes cute fabric brooches, oven mitts and big face pillows
  • Yokoo makes chunky crocheted scarves and accessories, my favourites are her chain link scarves
  • The colourful posters of Japanese artist/designer Kiwoshi Awazu
  • The collages and paintings of Clark Goolsby
  • Swirling experimental work by Pery Burge

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