It’s raining, it’s pouring

I created a treasury of all my favourite rain themed items being sold on Etsy.  It’s a celebration of the rain at a time when this drizzly weather that has reigned supreme over our Spring time in England.  For some people it’s a pain and I can’t deny I’m looking forward to getting some sunshine when the sun does show it’s face (someday).  However to see things positively, water brings life and we are all made of it.  Get your wellies on.

Click here to view on Etsy: It’s raining, it’s pouring

collection of rain themed giftsUpdate

My creative posts on this blog have been a little sparse this past year as I’ve been busy working on my work based learning project which is due to be handed in soon.  My project is about how a gallery can better engage blind and visually impaired visitors in its exhibitions. The research I’ve done so far has been fascinating and I’ve particularly enjoyed learning about how the brain works and different ways of visualising things.

These last two rainy months I have been allowing myself a little time in the studio to get back into painting, working in acrylics on a number of small canvases.  This time spent in the studio I have enjoyed immensely and I’m reminded how much I love painting and the meditative experience it brings.  I often paint in the evening after a day working in the gallery and since the studio is empty so late I’ve been singing out loud too.  I’ll be posting soon with some images of work in progress.  Expect bright colourful work, I have been playing with fluorescent colours.

My colour cubes T-shirts have been selling well and have become my most popular item across my internet shops and offline sales too.  The next favourite is my blue footed booby greetings cards which have been flying to new places around the world. Both of these items can be found in my online Etsy and Folksy shops.

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