Paper collage

Having made a number of birthday cards for friends using images I had cut from posters and fashion, art and design magazines, I decided to try a larger piece to keep.  This is the result of combining some of my favourite cuttings together on recycled brown card.  I particularly like how creepy the tarsier eyes make the characters look.  I have a stash of old magazines that I could use for future collages so I may be trying this again soon.

  1. hi, your stuff is cool. are you making $ from them? i started making them as an outlet when i’m, stressed rather than self desctruct. anyway- people want to buy them. advice? if you have. thanks!

  2. Thanks Lauren! I appreciate it! I’m not sold any collages yet but I have sold T-shirts, cards, prints, soft sculpture and brooches. Have you had a look at Etsy, Folksy and Bigcartel shops? That may be a good way to start selling. I would say that Bigcartel is probably the easiest to set up and customise but you don’t get as much traffic through as you would do from the search features on Etsy and Folksy. Best of luck!

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